Group News and Headlines

Summer holidays are drawing to an end. Soon the sections will be starting again. Various activities are planned - raft races and camps to name but 2.

See you all soon when the new term starts.


St Edwards Beavers meet on a Monday evening from 6.00 pm. to 7.15 pm.

The Beaver section has a widely varied programme and details of what they have been up to can be found on their Facebook page - see the link below.

The Beaver Scout age range is from 6 - 8 years and is open to both boys and girls. More information


Pathfinder Cub Scouts meet on a Thursday evening from 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm.
Lots of activities, both indoor and outdoor, challenges and badges go to make this a real fun section.

The Cub Scout age range is from 8 - 10½ years and is open to both boys and girls. More information.


The Scout Troop meets on a Friday night from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.
Numbers in the section are climbing and we see most of the Cub Scouts moving into the Scout Section.

The Scout age range is from 10½ to 14 years and is open to both boys and girls. More information.

8th on facebook

The 8th Burgess Hill Scout Group is featured on a number of Facebook Groups. Links to some of these (including closed groups) are shown here.

Pathfinder Cubs



Group Scout Leader - Mike Larcombe
email Mike
Group Chairman - Jon Wright
email Jon
Group Treasurer - Roger Sadler
email Roger

Adult volunteers

The group needs more help.

The section leaders and assistants are too thin on the ground as are the behind the scenes people. There have been occasions when weekly meetings have been cancelled due to lack of leaders and adult helpers.

The Group Executive committee has too few members. Find out more